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Caffeine in coffee vs green tea.

If we look at the amount of caffeine in coffee and green tea. in the same amount of drinks Coffee has three times the amount of caffeine than green tea. 240 milligrams of coffee contains about 96 milligrams of caffeine. While the same amount of

Tea…is it good or useful?

Of course, tea has good nutrients. There are many that are beneficial to the body. But drinking the wrong way causes us to not receive the nutrients from tea as intended, such as Drinking very hot tea The heat of the water destroys catechins. That

Benefits of “chicken breast” that are not only helping to lose weight

Any young woman who wants to lose weight, exercise, gain muscle and be careful about eating One of the health food that we have heard of sometimes is inevitable “chicken breast” that many people think should have only high protein. but in fact Chicken breasts are much more useful. สมัคร ufabet

4 ways to take care after eyebrow tattoo to make the color last long

eyebrow tattoo now It is another option for beauty enhancement that girls are very popular nowadays. and after we have tattooed eyebrows Will the paint stick well or not? In addition to depending on the tattoo technique of each shop, color, hand weight of the technician.  How to take

The secret of “washing your face” with a clear facial foam.

facial cleansing It is the first step in maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. Using a cleanser or cleansing foam effectively and correctly will help your skin get better care. So we have 7 Tips for washing your face with a cleanser or facial foam to leave everyone together. so that everyone can have beautiful skin Good health can be easily achieved because facial