The secret of “washing your face” with a clear facial foam.

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facial cleansing It is the first step in maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. Using a cleanser or cleansing foam effectively and correctly will help your skin get better care. So we have 7 Tips for washing your face with a cleanser or facial foam to leave everyone together. so that everyone can have beautiful skin Good health can be easily achieved because facial cleansing is another step that everyone should pay attention to and should not be overlooked. What will be there? Let’s see.

1. Do not wash your face too often.

Using facial cleansing foam too often will cause dry skin and lack of moisture. If it’s oily skin The sebaceous glands will accelerate the production of more oil to the skin. to compensate for the lack of moisture This can cause excess oil stains that lead to clogging in the pores that are more prone to acne and if it is dry skin, it will make the skin dry more. which can cause premature aging Therefore, we should not wash our faces too often. proper facial cleansing It should only be at 2 times a day morning and evening. 

2. Wipe off makeup before washing your face with cleansing.

If we need to put on a full make-up before leaving the house or need to use a moisturizer that is waterproof and sweat-proof like sunscreen, we need to. Wipe off makeup from the skin before washing your face with cleansing foam. because if we don’t wipe the makeup off first May cause cleaning the surface is not as clean as it should be. There are cosmetic stains and dirt left on the surface. It can also cause clogging in the pores until it becomes clogged acne .  

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3. Massage your face while washing your face to make your skin better.

Our facial skin, in addition to needing care with cleansing and skin rejuvenation. Also want to relax the skin with a massage as well. Because regular facial massage will make the blood flow better. and helps to make the skin look more healthy We can do a facial massage. While we are washing your face, massage your face as well. Using the middle finger and ring finger , gently press on the face and massage in a circular motion for about 2-3 minutes over the face and neck . do it on a daily basis Just like this, our face will be naturally strong.

4. Open the pores before washing your face with warm water.

Opening the pores before washing the face will help to deepen the cleansing of the skin and help reduce clogging in the pores as well. Opening pores can be done simply by using warm water to wash  , or you can use a towel soaked in warm water and place it on your face for 2-3 minutes . The heat will gradually open the pores. out and make it easier to clean pores. But be careful not to use too hot water. which may be harmful to the skin

5. Close the pores after washing your face with cold water.

If we open the pores before washing the face to clean the pores completely clean when we have finished washing our faces We also need to close the pores after washing our face. so as not to let the dirt enter again How to close the pores, it can be done easily, that is, after washing the face is complete. Use cold water to wash your face in the last step , or you can use a towel soaked in cold water and place it on your face for 2-3 minutes .

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6. Avoid facial cleansing foam that contains substances that cause irritation.

If we use facial cleansing foam that contains ingredients that cause irritation such as alcohol , parabens and fragrances , it may cause irritation to the skin. There are many forms of irritation such as inflamed skin, burning, itching , rashes, swelling , redness and acne. The occurrence of acne can occur from a papule , small pimples to large, severe inflamed acne . If there is a very severe acne, it may cause side effects such as acne holes and scars . Therefore we It is best to avoid using facial foam that contains irritating substances.

7. Use a facial cleanser that suits your skin.

Each of us has different skin types, including oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin , combination skin, normal skin , and acne-prone skin. Choosing a facial cleansing foam that is suitable for our skin It is another thing that we need to focus on. Because if we use facial foam that is not suitable for our skin type and what it is. May cause our skin to cause an allergic reaction or may cause skin sensitivity too much. Choosing a foam that washes your face to suit our skin, for example. If we have oily skin, we may choose to use a cleansing foam that is formulated for oily skin. Has oil control or if we have acne-prone skin, we may choose a facial cleansing foam that is a specific acne treatment formula, etc. So that our skin is properly taken care of and safe enough.