Manchester United buying and selling gurus join forces in the Sir Jim era.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe, owner of Ineos Sports, who will take over Manchester United‘s football operations is considering recruiting two highly skilled sporting directors. Dan Ashworth and Paul Mitchell, to take over. Old Trafford

A report from ‘I Sport’ follows Retcliffe’s purchase of 25% of United’s subsidiary shares worth 1.3 billion pounds. And has received full management power given to him by the Glazer family. ทางเข้า UFABET  Therefore, Sir Dave Brailsford, Director of Ineos Sports was sent to interact with the team throughout the week.

Recently, Sir Jim the 71-year-old billionaire arrived in Manchester for the first time since officially announcing his 1-in-4 ownership of the club. He will spend 2-3 days there to hold a meeting to organize a new football administration job. 

In addition, he gave encouragement to team manager Eric Ten Haag and the players and took the opportunity to visit the Carrington training center. For considering improvement guidelines as requested. 

The important issue would be to find a team to run football operations efficiently. By setting up a structure so that Brailsford has ultimate decision-making authority, Jean-Claude Blanc is the CEO. Coordinating management with operators. 

While in the positions of sports director and technical director, Ashworth, Newcastle’s best player, and Mitchell, who was unemployed from Monaco, were approached to gather their minds to organize a completely new football strategy for the ‘Red Devils’. 

The case for Ashworth, 52, may be difficult to convince. As he has only been in the position for about 18 months at St James’ Park.