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Where does Roberto de Zerbi go next?

Where does Roberto de Zerbi go next? The 44-year-old Italian coach has decided to bid farewell to Brighton, as announced by the club a few days ago. ”Listen, we couldn’t reach an agreement to move forward. At different points in the season we had discussions,”

Caffeine in coffee vs green tea.

If we look at the amount of caffeine in coffee and green tea. in the same amount of drinks Coffee has three times the amount of caffeine than green tea. 240 milligrams of coffee contains about 96 milligrams of caffeine. While the same amount of

Tea…is it good or useful?

Of course, tea has good nutrients. There are many that are beneficial to the body. But drinking the wrong way causes us to not receive the nutrients from tea as intended, such as Drinking very hot tea The heat of the water destroys catechins. That

Newcastle scrapped their plan to recruit Phillips.

Newcastle Football Club scrapped plans to solve the problem of players being injured during the January transfer window 2024. So willing to build a team according to the original strategy Said through his interest in Calvin Phillips. The Manchester City midfielder opening the way to Fulham and