Benefits of “chicken breast” that are not only helping to lose weight

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Any young woman who wants to lose weight, exercise, gain muscle and be careful about eating One of the health food that we have heard of sometimes is inevitable “chicken breast” that many people think should have only high protein. but in fact Chicken breasts are much more useful. สมัคร ufabet

  1. High protein but low energy By 100 grams of skinless chicken breast provides up to 22.5 grams of protein and 120 calories of energy, which will help repair the worn out organs in the body. strengthen muscles help in growth
  2. help control weight Chicken breast is suitable for cooking for those who want to control their weight. Both losing weight or gaining weight, such as losing weight Because chicken breast meat will not have fat. Eat full easily Plus it’s full of protein.
  3. improves muscle performance Protein helps repair damaged muscles.
  4. Contains ancarnosine and high ancerin Reduces muscle fatigue It will reduce the amount of lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles. It maintains pH balance and inhibits the release of hydrogen ions in the muscles.
  5. high in phosphorus Helps maintain strong bones and teeth
  6. Contains potassium Helps strengthen the work of the heart and muscles.
  7. Contains selenium to reduce inflammation of cells Reduce the risk of cancer
  8. Contains vitamin B3 to help convert carbohydrates into energy. make the body use more
  9. Contains leucine to enhance muscle performance helps to exercise for a long time and reduce muscle breakdown