4 ways to take care after eyebrow tattoo to make the color last long

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eyebrow tattoo now It is another option for beauty enhancement that girls are very popular nowadays. and after we have tattooed eyebrows Will the paint stick well or not? In addition to depending on the tattoo technique of each shop, color, hand weight of the technician. 

How to take care after eyebrow tattooing is another very important step When girls have tattooed their eyebrows, after tattooing they should take care of it properly in order to give the color that we have tattooed. consistently lasting and one more thing is to prevent the tattoo wound from becoming inflamed and infected later

How to take care after eyebrow tattooing

1. Do not touch the water

after eyebrow tattoo Absolutely do not let your eyebrows touch the water. Because of the moisture from the water Will replace the ink, causing the color to fade. The ink does not stick to the skin, especially girls with oily skin, the ink is already difficult to stick to the color. When the wound touches the water, the color will come off even faster.

Most importantly, humidity can cause the accumulation of bacteria. Which can cause the wound to become inflamed. Or infected The thing that should be done for new eyebrow tattooists is that the eyebrows should never be exposed to water. Until the eyebrows are completely peeled off For a consistent, beautiful color, be patient.

Tips: When avoiding water, it’s not that you can’t wash your face at all. We can use the method to wash your face from the eye area downwards normally. In the forehead, use the method Wipe clean using wet tissue or cotton wool to wipe clean first. As for the hair, let’s wash it at the beauty salon. Let’s go first.

2. Apply the medicine given by the shop in the morning-evening lightly and thinly to reduce dryness and tightness.

When the tattoo is finished after that tattoo will feel dry. Let’s apply medicine at the shop to go in the morning-evening. Apply over the tattooed area. Evenly, apply lightly, thinly, apply until the eyebrows are completely peeled off. When the eyebrows are completely peeled off You can stop applying.

Tips: The way to apply is to use a cotton bud to touch. (I don’t recommend rubbing hard.) Apply a thin layer is enough. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

3. Absolutely should not pick off the scabs.

After eyebrow tattooing, there will be irritation. peeling and itching around the tattoo wound Apply the medicine that the shop gave me. It will help reduce itching. But should not apply too much.

waiting for beauty You need to calm down a bit, don’t be in a hurry, don’t pick, scratch, scab around the tattooed area at all because it may cause the line that the tattoo artist has applied to be cut off and deformed. Plus, germs from fingers and nails also pose a risk. against infection Can cause inflammation as well Be careful about this too.

4. Do not expose to the sun. or avoid activities that cause a lot of sweating

When not touching the water Must not be sweating too. try to avoid outdoor activities that cause a lot of sweat especially exercise or sauna

If possible, you should refrain from exercising strenuously. and result in faded ink as well can be avoided, should be avoided If you can escape, you can escape. All sports girls Please be patient.

Tips: If you sweat during the day You can use a soft tissue to absorb during the day.