Tea…is it good or useful?

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Of course, tea has good nutrients. There are many that are beneficial to the body. But drinking the wrong way causes us to not receive the nutrients from tea as intended, such as

Drinking very hot tea The heat of the water destroys catechins. That are beneficial to the body in fighting cancer. Or completely slow down the degeneration of cells in the body.UFABET  

Green tea that went through the boiling process and kill microorganisms before bottling. This causes the important nutrients to be destroyed or decrease as well.

Drinking with milk Whether it is hot or ice tea. It cannot provide benefits to the body as well. Because the protein in milk will bind with important substances. and destroys the effectiveness of active ingredients. That are beneficial to the body. It can be said that there is hardly any benefit. From drinking tea with milk.

Drink along with taking vitamin supplements. The essence in the precipitates iron. Or mineral salts not to be absorb into the body.

Drink along with eating various minerals from green leafy vegetables. and the fruit will be capture by the essence. It is not absorb into the body as well.

Children who drink It will have important substances like tannins. into protein precipitates and minerals from the food you eat. Not to be absorbed into the body. Therefore, there is a risk of malnutrition.