Shooting fish to get ten thousand. Is it difficult?

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How to play fish shooting game for money tell me to play Shoot fish to earn ten thousand. Or more, that’s not difficult. Shooting fish is like any other game that, in addition to having to look for promotions, hits to play. You must have a special formula or method to play. as a helper And today we have already chosen a good technique to play. 

1. Choose a group shot. and manage the fish

Shooting fish is a game that can be played simultaneously with many people. If you hit the target fish successfully. You will receive the prize money. Which is usually popular to play as a group, helping each other shoot, who is the last person to shoot successfully. It will get a bonus multiplier. So if there are many players helping each other shoot fish. You’d better get in the ring and try to be the last person to shoot the fish dead. In addition to saving ammunition by having other friends to shoot instead. We can also get that prize money.

2. Don’t shoot fish randomly without planning.

Shooting fish randomly, shooting like a stone thrown to grope the way first. never made anyone successful Even if you use free credit to play, you shouldn’t risk playing like this. The best and correct way is to choose a target before you start shooting every time. may choose from looking at the payout rate of each fish species Because if you shoot randomly, you’re wasting ammo and free ammo. Remember that bullets are your stake.

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