Mathies Tel reveals he turned down Madrid for Bayern Munich.

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Mathies Tel an 18-year-old young striker chose to join Bayern Munich because he admired the Bayern Munich team’s football project.

Mathies Tel the 18-year-old Bayern Munich striker has revealed that. He received an offer from Real Madrid in the summer of 2022 before he decided to move from Rennes to play. With the Southern Tigers team Due to the Bavarian giant’s fondness for the project. UFABET According to a report from Build last Saturday. 

Teel moved from Rennes to play with Bayern Munich last summer for a fee of 20 million euros. Although the young French striker was approached by Real Madrid as well. But He decided to choose to move to play football with the Southern Tigers. Before the player performed well in his first year with the famous Bavarian team by scoring 6 goals from playing in every competition. 28 games and has already scored 5 goals from playing in every competition this season. 8 shots 

When asked about the reason he rejected Real Madrid and chose to play with the Southern Tigers. Tel explained: ‘Real Madrid or Bayern? It’s true that many clubs want me in 2022, it’s very true.’

‘But my focus is only on Bayern, there are no other opportunities. Because I admire their project and the people behind it.’