Klopp slams ‘insane’ decision.

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Jurgen Klopp the Liverpool‘s manager came out to say that the game his team had to lose 1-2 to Spurs had very crazy decisions.

“I have never been prouder of a team than today. I’ve never seen a game that was so unfair. It was a very crazy decision.”

“We scored our own goal. Which is very difficult to accept. But I am very proud. The first red card was when Curtis stepped on the ball and slipped on it. It wasn’t a bad tackle at all.” UFABET

“It looks different in slow motion. He stepped on the ball and slid on it. That’s clearly bad luck.”

“For Diogo Jota, the first yellow card was not a yellow card. Then he received a second yellow card. And defending with just eight players outfield is very difficult.”

“You want to create something where you have mentally tough players. And I saw them today, they fought, tonight was pretty special.”

The German coach said of Joel Matip’s own goal: “It was a matter of luck or someone who had to put his foot there. Today Joel had outstanding defence. He kicked it and it slammed into the door.”

“We all have bad things in our lives. It is like that.”

Meanwhile, Klopp also spoke about Luis Diaz’s offside problem: “The offside goal It’s not cutting edge when you see it. They missed the line.”

“The ball was between Mo’s legs. They drew the wrong line and didn’t look at Mo’s pass properly.”

“It’s very difficult to come to terms with.”